Sports travel is our game and we have a world of experience in it.
As Japan's top sports travel provider, we've done it all, putting together tours to events such as the Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup
making travel arrangements for Japanese sports teams,
running the Japan delegation's Olympic Games hospitality houses,
operating and managing international sporting events hosted in Japan,
arranging pre-event training camps, and more.

    1968 Summer Olympic Games in Mexico City: Travel arrangements for 300 tourists from Japan
    1988 Winter Olympic Games in Nagano: Accommodation and transportation arrangements
    2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney: Olympic sponsor hospitality program
    2001 World Aquatics Championships in Fukuoka: Accommodation and transportation arrangements
    2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan: Accommodation and transportation arrangements.
    2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens: Travel arrangements for the Japanese Olympic team
    2006 FIFA World Cup Germany: Travel package for Team Japan fans.
    2007 IAAF World Championships in Athletics, Osaka: Accommodation, transportation, and pre-event training camp arrangements.
    2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing: Travel package for Team Japan fans
    2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver: Travel arrangements for the Japanese Olympic team and management of Japan House
    FIFA World Cup South Africa: Exclusive sales agent for sponsor hospitality packages in Japan
    Asian Games, Guangzhou: First "multi-support house*" for athletes
    2012 Summer Olympic Games in London: Multi-support house for athletes
    2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi: Multi-support house for athletes
    FIFA World Cup Brazil: Exclusive sales agent for sponsor hospitality packages in Japan
    * A multi-support house is a place where members of the Japanese delegation can go to receive various kinds of support designed to promote their physical and mental well-being.

    World Table Tennis Championships in Japan
    2015 Pre camp training for IAAF World Championships Beijing 2015
    -the Netherland and Belgium team @ Chiba
    -Poland team @ Yamagata
    -Sweden Denmark team @ Kagawa